Why Brilliant Adventures & Safaris

Brilliant Adventures and Safaris will make your trip exceptional, simple, safer, breath taking and stress free so you can concentrate on enjoying your vacation and what nature has to offer. Whether it’s a Safari or Kilimanjaro Trek will make it splendid.

For all visitors both foreigners and Tanzanian natives who are concerned with safety, health, language or logistics, Brilliant Adventures and Safaris will answer all your questions and help you design an itinerary tailored to your interests and budget as well.

After we have helped you prepare your itinerary, your adventure will start right from the airport. Whereas our guide will meet and greet.

Brilliant Adventures and Safaris Difference

From more than two hundred tour operators offering Safaris in Tanzania , these are some of the differences that make Brilliant Adventures and Safaris exceptional.

Brilliant Adventures and Safaris encourages off the beaten trucks game drives to remote and hidden havens of the park for exclusive game experience that is we don’t restrict our driver guides with mileage nor fuel consumption. However, the terms and conditions shall apply specifically depending on the package chosen by the client.

We ensure that your safari has enough park permits for leisurely game viewing and your driver guide won’t push you to exit the park before the permit expires. Additionally we include extra park permits on greens seasons safaris so that you can cross the boarder between Serengeti and Ngorongoro national parks in search for the great migration.

We shall provide soft drinks and snacks in our tour vehicles for our guests’ enjoyment while on game drives.  Camping chairs and potable tables are provided in each tour vehicle so that you can take a break during your game drive and enjoy your beverage in a beautiful location.

There shall be two binoculars provided in each touring vehicle during the game drive.

There will be one mobile phone provided to call a driver, headquarters or family at any convenient time for any query.

Our guides are so passionate about nature and life in the wilderness, they aspire to make your adventures more enthusiastic making sure that you smile back as they have shown you the hidden riches of Africa. With Brilliant Adventures and Safaris going an extra mile to exceeding your expectations as they go off the paths of normal game drives which will leave you with an incredible experience.

We know Africa let’s take you back to the roots of imaginable beauty and let your experience the unforgettable vacation to treasure for a life time-Brilliant indeed.

Our guides are constantly updated with refreshing courses on driver guiding and wilderness expertise. For we know that on safari it is the guide who will make or break your safari.

We know Africa; let’s take you to the roots of imaginable beauty and let you experience the unfathomable vacation to treasure for a life time – Brilliant Indeed.


We had the most remarkable family tour. Not only everything was perfect, but we felt, in every instance, that our guides and our gulet crew truly cared about us, both the kids and adults and did their best to make this trip memorable.

John Michael

Thumbs Up

Everything went perfectly. The lodge was absolutely wonderful and I was able to see all of the Big 5.
Thank you again for your help arranging this Safari.

Michelle Adkins