Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climbing the summit of mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world is a challenge of a life time.

Mount Kilimanjaro is made up of three volcanic cones.

The Shira(13140 ft or 4005m)
The Mawenzi(16893ft or 5149m)
The Kibo(19,431 or 5895)

Mount Kilimanjaro is quite popular destination for hikers. Each year there are approximately 15,000 t0 20,000hikers that attempt the climb of the Kilimanjaro.

There are different climbing routes on mount Kilimanjaro and features on these climbing routes suggests the best routes for climbing the Kilimanjaro.


Some features of Machame route:
Machame route is a 9-day trip.
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro from the South.
Travel through five ecosystems; rainforests, moorlands, alpine desert, stone scree and ice caped summit.
You adventure begins at Arusha or Moshi towns.
Five campsites; Machame camp, Shira2 camp, Barranco camp, Karanga camp and the Barafu camp.
Descend by the Mweka route.


The most scenic route.
Offer great opportunities for acclimatization since you like high and sleep low.
Not a technical climb
Success rate 95%


The steepest route of the Kilimanjaro.
A high volume of traffic ( 2nd most popular).
The level of difficulty; HIGH
Only for the most experienced and the fit climbers.
This trail is best suited for the experienced hikers since the climb is quite steep. So if you are looking for a challenge to test your limit then the Machame route is the path to the summit.


The Rongai route has gained the reputation as being real wilderness experience, particularly at the beginning of the climb.
*Highlights of the Rongai route
The Rongai route is a 8-day trip.
The only trail that allows you to climb the Kilimanjaro from the North side.
The route crosses through the saddle between Kibo peak and Mawenzi peak.
Your journey starts at the Rongai gate.
Four campsites; the Simba camp, Kikekelwa camp, Mawenzi tarn camp and the Kibo huts camp.
Descend via the Marangu route.


Ideal for people with little back packing experience.
Very low volume of traffic.
See both sides of the Kilimanjaro since you descend via Marangu route(south).
The level of difficulty; MEDIUM.
Route of choice during the rainy season (April to May and November to mid-December )
Success rate 93%


The least scenic route of the Mount Kilimanjaro.
A lengthy travel time to get to the starting point.
No suitable opportunities for acclimatization. The principle of like high and sleep low can not applied to this route.
The Rongai route is at the north side of mountain which receives less rainfall than other routes during rainy season hence suitable to use during rainy season.


Lemosho route is one of the newest trails for climbing to the Uhuru peak.
This route offers diverse fauna and abundant of bird life. Lemosho is an ideal route to climb for nature lovers and bird life.
A- ten day trip.
Climb Kilimanjaro from the west side of the mountain.
Six ecosystems from the rainforest to the alpine desert.
Adventure begins from Londorossi gate.
Merges the Machame route at day 4 of the excursion.
Six campsite; the Mti mkubwa camp, Shira1 and Shira2 camps, Barranco camp, Karanga camp and the Barafu camp.
Descend via the Mweka route.


Low volume of traffic for the first 3-4 days. More traffic the emerging with Machame route.
Scenic route with spectacular views of the gorges on the west side.
Extra days included in the package of acclimatization.
Success rate 95%


The level of difficulty: HIGH
Not the best option during rainy season.
During rainy season this route receives tremendous amount of rainfall due to the rainforests. Therefore not recommended route during rainy season.

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