Beach & Rest House Rentals

Beach houses are houses located near the beach and will mostly be used for vacation or a second home for people who will commute to the house on weekends or long holidays.

Brilliant Adventures & Safaris is introducing this rare service most people would like to do during their vacations or long/short weekends.

During the stay at one of our beach houses, we will have different activities such as Maasai nights and oceanic activities.

  • Maasai Nights: – these nights’ will be hosted by Maasai where clients will experience Maasai customs and traditions like Maasai dances, traditional Maasai barbeque with local drinks.
  • Oceanic Activities: – these are activities and games that most people would rather do but they do not have the facilities to perform/create the games or activities. Example of this activities may include fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boat cruise, catamaran rentals and jet skiing.